Wednesday, September 05, 2012

food city, more like fun city

Oliver is getting baptized this weekend, so we are planning to host lots of family for dinner at our house afterwards. Mexican food is always good for a crowd, so we headed to our neighborhood mexican grocery store for some supplies. The kids loved the pinata selection. I loved the tomatillos! I was seriously impressed.

Also, avocados are 4 for 99 cents at Food City right now. Such a deal.

Most of our house guests are set to arrive tomorrow night. Is it tomorrow night yet?

Mabel is home sick from school today, but was a good sport about getting dressed and leaving the house.


  1. Sorry Mabel is sick. It seems to be all the rage now.
    And those tomatillos make me happy! I've never seen that many all together!

  2. I love their cinnamon chips!
    Have a great weekend with family. Hopefully Mabel will get better soon and everyone will stay healthy. It's no fun to be sick when family gets together.

  3. I miss Food City (I grew up in Phoenix). Actually, I miss hispanic culture in general. Not much out here in Oregon.

  4. I love Mabel's braid...and I love 4 for 99 cent avocados! They are $1 each here..yikes.

  5. We call it ciudad de comida. Me gusta!


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