Friday, June 01, 2012

so far so good

We are settling into summer vacation. So far we've managed to keep the house from becoming a complete disaster, we've gone to the library, taken a trip to Ikea (pictures of our newly organized coloring area soon), and spent lots of time at my in-laws little pool. It is just the right size.

Usually Elliot runs full speed into our room in the mornings, always the first one up. But yesterday, he hovered at our door and pretended to be shy. I don't think he ever actually made it in. Silly boy.

Do you see that contented smile on Stella's face? She was so happy to be floating on that raft.

And I found my boys snuggled together on the couch yesterday afternoon. Elliot is still the most exciting thing that has ever happened to Mabel and Oliver. They are so sweet to him.

These are good days.

Happy June!


  1. I would be so happy floating on that raft too! What wonderful summer times.


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