Monday, June 04, 2012

let's draw something

This little coloring table has been moved all over the house. Now it is tucked in a corner of our basement family room, and I think this is where it will stay.

I wanted something to store pencils and other supplies in view, but contained, and off the table surface. The fintorp rail system with hooks and buckets from Ikea was perfect. I love that things are still in sight, but tidy. It makes it easy for the kids to keep the table clean.

Cookies never stick around long enough at our house to make it into the cookie jar, so I donated it to the cause. I like that it is large and clear, so it holds lots of crayons and let's the kids easily find the color they are looking for.

A large trash can helps keep the paper mess under control.

My kids love the paper roll and holder because what is more fun than drawing on regular sized paper? Drawing on huge paper, of course!

I saw this hemnes chest and knew it would be just the right thing to hold the rest of our craft supplies. I thought the price was fair, and I love the hidden drawer for paper storage. Plus, I think it is the kind of piece that would work in just about any room in my house.

It holds paper and a few other supplies like perler beads and paper punches. I gathered Mabel and Oliver's random glass jar collections (things like buttons and bottle caps and rocks) and a few of their favorite books to display. Oliver's rock tumbler was the right size to fit on the shelf, too.

The bottom drawer has a box to hold pictures that they'd like to keep. When the box is full, we'll sort it, and the things that are really worth keeping will be put in special boxes under their beds.

Here's what I decided: The fewer crafting supplies we have, the better off we will be. So we are sticking to the basics: paper, colored pencils, and crayons. Things that aren't used often or are messy like paint, markers, and coloring books will stay upstairs in the newly-cleaned out kitchen cupboard. This makes clean up and storage downstairs much easier, and really, kids don't need a lot of stuff to express their creativity. I think a nice, clean space is the best thing for it, actually.

Ever since I finished putting everything together, all four kids have been drawing and coloring like crazy. I'd say that means it's a hit.

p.s. Thank you for sharing your organizing ideas on my other post. They were all so great!


  1. perfect! ikea to the rescue!

  2. ok, i can't get passed the idea that you live here in the Valley and have a BASEMENT?! However did you find a house with a basement? My life long dream (ok being a bit dramatic) is to have a basement to throw my children and all their junk into!!

  3. Turned out great! Very inspiring.

  4. great organizing! You do inspire me to do something about my laundry room. Love you

  5. What a great little space! I love it! Well done Stephanie.

  6. Simple is always best-your family room looks so nice and cool and welcoming.

  7. so cute!! we originally did that same ikea system with my daughter and she LOVED it. We had to move her table away from the wall and so it wouldn't work anymore, and she was really upset about it. :) looks great, and as always, your living room is cute.

  8. this looks really lovely!

  9. I love your board and batton, is there any way you could give a few more details on how you installed it? I would love to do this in my house but am scared, I don't know where or how to start!

    1. hi T

      here's a post i wrote about my paneling: there are probably lots of tutorials out there on the web, too, if my post doesn't answer all of your questions.

      good luck!


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