Friday, May 04, 2012

snuggly boys and silk dresses

I don't know if it is the earlier rising of the sun, or his new bed, but Elliot has been waking up too early lately. This means that his naps stretch past four o'clock. On Wednesday, he tried and tried to wake up, but ended up zonked on the couch with me until nearly five! I didn't mind one bit because tomorrow he turns two (darn it) and I'm not sure how much longer this will go on. So we laid there until the absolute last moment before we had to pick Stella up from ballet.

After more than three months of constant dressmaking and alteration work, I am taking a break. I am putting my ironing board away and covering up my sewing machine. At least for a few days. :)

My goal this weekend: pick up my real camera and eat cake!


  1. I have a snuggly boy of my own. And our afternoons "rests" together is the best part of the day. So cute....wish it would last forever.

  2. i love when they snuggle. macy now only snuggles when she is i love those little people.

  3. So when's the birthday party?

  4. I remember snuggly boys and how much I loved it. It was so sad when Dan outgrew the snuggles. Glad you take time now because you are right it disappears so soon.

  5. Grant & Brett have been waking up earlier too. It is the sun! I think I might try hanging a blanket over the window!
    Happy Birthday to Elliot! I can't believe he's 2 already. Wow, how time flies!

  6. Oh, a sleeping head on my shoulder...what I wouldn't give! Cherish it!

    And gorgeous dress! I just made my daughter's communion dress out of silk shantung. Had me holding my breath at times, but it turned out lovely.

    My most recent post has some pics of it.


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