Wednesday, May 02, 2012

life lately

Mabel and Oliver have their piano recital this Sunday! They have been practicing away. I think they are ready. I love to see them play the piano. It is a skill that I lack, so I hope hope hope they stick with it.

I realized the other day why I am moving so slowly through my books (I finally finished Death Comes to Pemberley. It took me forever! I thought it was so-so.). Every time I sit on the couch to read, Elliot brings me one of his books. So my book gets pushed aside, because there are not many things better than having a little person snuggle on your lap for a story.

Sleeping in our car seat seems to be the story of our life right now. It happens almost every time we get in the car to pick Stella up from preschool (at 10:30 am!).

Is it summer yet?

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  1. Good for Mabel and Oliver. Keep it upp . They will do well in their recital. Hope you video it so I can see it. Sweet sleeping Elliot.


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