Tuesday, October 18, 2011

pumpkin + cream cheese

What is it about pumpkin and cream cheese? Guy, they are so good together. Last night was our semi-annual block party. I brought pumpkin recipe no. six to share. Technically, these are muffins, but they are so sweet, they could definitely qualify as dessert. The streusel on top and the cream cheese surprise in the center make them a solid winner in my book.


  1. Oooh those look so tasty! And I love your photography, and pretty cake stands too.

  2. oh my.

    It is raining and gross here and Julia is still in her pajamas but I think we're going to have to venture to the store for the ingredients...the baby inutero needs. now!!

  3. Hello to you ~~
    I am an occasional reader of your blog (and an LDS mommabear from Cali.) I can't remember how I bumped into your barefoot musings? (It might have been from Clover Lane which I read every week? or a Google search on a sewing technique?) ~~either way, I enjoy that I found your lovely little family, and get to visit now and again:)

    On my list to do this Fall (but something I haven't done yet - due to calorie avoidance :) -- is this pumpkin cinnamon roll (recipe link below). I can't help but want to share as I keep thinking about them, you are in a real pumpkin episode,and I need Someone (!) to enjoy these! They look(and smell) (yes, I can smell them through the screen) divine.


    Have a lovely Arizona week ~

  4. When I saw this picture I gasped. They look sooooo yummy! I have to make something pumpkin-y...soon.

  5. Yummy yummy yummy!!!!!


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