Monday, March 29, 2010

some Monday things

the requisite Easter Sunday shot in front of the front door
Do you take this picture at your house, too?

I know that Easter is not until this Sunday, but since we have General Conference* this weekend, we broke out the Easter outfits early and wore them to church yesterday.

I just love these blonde kids of mine. What do you think the chances are that no. 4 will have blonde hair and blue eyes, too? I'd say they are pretty high. I'm getting so anxious to see him. And hold him. And smell him.

I just remembered that last Easter, Stella was in her cast. Oh, it was awful. I'm so glad her little femur healed well. I wouldn't wish a SPICA cast on anyone.

It's definitely spring here. The wisteria vine on our house bloomed practically overnight and temperatures in the mid-80s are headed our way. To prepare for the heat, Mike installed a whole house fan on Saturday. He's so handy. Hopefully it will keep us from needing to use the air conditioning for a few more weeks.

My goal for the day is to finish alterations on a prom dress for a girl in my ward. I've put it off for too long. And I need to bake some sort of treat for our nieghborhood block party tonight. That's right. Our neighborhood has block parties. I love where I live.

Did you have a good weekend? What are your Monday plans?

*from General Conference is a bi-annual world conference of our Church, held in April and October, where members gather for five two-hour sessions to listen to instruction from Church leaders and at which official Church business is conducted. General conference is broadcast via satellite from the Conference Center at Church headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.


  1. I love that suave look on Oliver's face...classic. And Natalie and Mabel have the same Easter dress, love it!

  2. they look so cute. i can't wait to see your little blond baby number four either!
    my monday plans are to take miles to the museum, then do some furniture shopping with Gail. then a baseball game tonight. woohoo!

  3. Steph, the children are so beautiful. Love the picture with their smiling faces. I have a meeting today Monday and then will do some putting things away at home. Tryuing to pare down and get rid of things we don't need.

  4. Adorable children!! I am betting on blonde and blue eyes for sure!

    Monday plans? Balance the check book (blah) and sewing!

  5. yep - we do that same photo at easter, too. though it was a bit too cold for easter clothes, so our photos won't be until mid april - so sad! oh how i love spring in arizona.

  6. How cute are your kids in their Easter outfits. I really wanted to get a picture of Olivia in her Easter outfit too but we were rushed to get out the door yesterday as usual. How do you do it.

    Yes, I'm thinking a blond hair, blue eyed babe for sure.

    Monday plans include a walk to the park and cleaning.

  7. we did easter dresses yesterday too. Mikah and Maes have the same dress as stella!
    MOnday- today i will set up the tramp! I already ran, took the kids to the dr and hit walmart!

  8. what did you use on her hair for those lovely curls?

  9. are we there yet?-

    i used curl formers (i bought mine at sally's beauty supply). they are amazing.

  10. they look beautiful! love Mabel's hair and the salt water sandals! mom

  11. I love those sweet little white sandals...remember treasuring a pair myself when I was little...the kind with buckles.
    They all look lovely and this time next year you will have a cute little chubby baby boy to prop in front of the door too!

  12. I just realized I never got the pictures of fabrics you were going to send to my phone.


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