Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Triangle Conference

Triangle Conference 2008

There is a little room in my parents' house called the triangle room.
It is filled with carpeted cubbies and different levels that are perfect for climbing and playing with cousins.

Every morning, after breakfast, Pa would call a Triangle Conference.
The kids would pile into the teeny room to discuss the day's itinerary, share concerns, and introduce their "guys".

I loved sitting in the family room and listening to the giggles that came from those conferences.
It might have been my favorite part of our trip.


  1. David is soooo special, thoughtful and kind snd loving. No wonder all of those little ones listen so intently to what he is saying.
    Love and Hugs

  2. it was my favorite part, too. i loved how he asked first off every day, "is everyone happy?" we love our pa so much.

  3. What a wonderful grandpa thing to do.

  4. how magical - I seriously have goose-bumps just reading about it! your pa is so awesome - thanks for sharing!

  5. that is very tender. these are going to be some of your childrens' most cherished memories.

  6. i love this. it warms my heart. grandpas are the best.

  7. That is the BEST! They will forever have such wonderful memories of that.


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