Monday, August 04, 2008

At a friends' house. . .

This is the house. Isn't it incredible?

We went swimming.

Seriously, that body.

Then we went fishing.

Look! It's me and Mike!

Thank you D* Family!


  1. That house and your hair blow my mind. They're both amazing, but only one of them can I take to the hairdresser and ask to recreate.

  2. oh that house. maybe next time they'll let us inside. :) i love that last picture. i'm glad you posted it. and you and mike are just precious.

  3. Would love to have gone inside the house, wouldn't you? Love the picture of you and Mike and it goes without saying that that Stella is toooooo cute!
    Love you

  4. i might be more emotional lately, but that house and stella both make me want to cry.

  5. oh my goodness that last picture of stella! it's almost as cute as that one of you and mike :)

  6. Superb pictures.

  7. julianne is right! the pic of you and mike is adorable, as is stella! the D* family was thrilled with your post. mom

  8. stephanie, i'm friends with melissa white and have lurked on your blog for awhile now. i just have to say how adorable i think your baby is. those are some divine rolls!


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