Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Intentional Sweat

pictured: my sweaty-ness, also the spot where I had a mole removed last week
(don't worry, it's not cancerous.)
not pictured: Stella's soon-to-be 4 teeth
(who does she think she is? a 14 month old? sheesh)

Remember when I tried to walk Mabel to school last year?
Well, it was a disaster.

This year she and Oliver start at 8:30 am, so we've started walking again.
(even though it's still a million degrees outside.)

I hate being sweaty.
I spend my summers trying to avoid sweat.
(that's really hard here in the desert.)

But I've realized that an intentional sweat is so much more refreshing than an accidental one. I'm actually enjoying our morning walks.
(even though I'm fluorescent pink by the time we get home.)



  1. it's really too bad that stella isn't cute. :)

  2. i walk abbie every morning... and i walk to pick her up in the fierce heat of the day... ick. but i don't think it gets as hot here as it does there... but it's frickin' humid as all get out.

  3. oh i hate being sweaty when you're not meant to be, too. i just broke down and put workout clothes on yesterday to work in the yard. you're right, it wasn't so bad to be sweaty then. :)

    we love baby stella. have i told you that we have to sing about her to miles every night? he just loves to say, "baby stella" in a little baby voice and then giggle. you need to come visit. bring stella. :)

  4. Sweaty isn't fun. You are right though, it isn't so bad when youi have a purpose. Glad the removal was okay! Sweet,adorable, adorable Stella.
    Love you,

  5. I completely agree.
    If I have gotten ready for the day and then have unintentional sweat, like when I put my kid in his car seat and the garage is 700 degrees, then I REALLY don't like it. (specially when it's minutes after I got ready)
    So, is Oliver in all day K?
    I am not sure what to do with myself with one child at home.

  6. how fun that you're close enough to WALK to school!

    and i want to eat stella

  7. A morning walk, how fun. I would much rather be hot then cold. I think i'm in the wrong state.

  8. I've hardly seen the light of day this summer, cause I hate the unintentional sweat so much. I'll try workout clothes...maybe there's hope for me.

  9. That's a cute picture. But the first couple times my eyes scanned the title of this post I was sure it said, "International Sweat" (maybe I've been watching too much Olympics?) so I thought you'd gone off on some exciting foreign trip! I wish we could walk to school; it's not too far but there are some pesky train tracks in the way so we have to drive about a mile and a half to get there. I like Stella's shirt! (onesie?)

  10. I cannot believe how your children are growing! And four teeth? Please tell Baby Stella to slow down...
    My kids would walk to school (down our street) pretty much by themselves, as there was always an older sib. But when Cleo was the last to go, I walked her up/down for a few years. Such an enjoyable time.


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