Tuesday, August 05, 2008


To conclude this lovely series of vacation recaps, here are the last of my favorite pictures.
Thanks for reading.

having fun on the train

more lushness

stella and lincoln lounging on the patio

most of the cousins
(I love that Mabel and Emma are holding hands and that Parker has his arm around Jack.
I love cousin love.)

something was apparently reeeaally funny.
(And apparently Leslie and I laugh exactly the same way.)

Lincoln is so funny.

Oliver and Jack

Stella, looking pretty for church


  1. i'm just glad my laughing face isn't showing in that picture. and that i didn't pee my pants. that was so funny.

  2. A great collection of pictures! You & Leslie look so cute laughing with your matching skinniness and blondness. And Stella looks so cute in that last picture too. Fun, fun.

  3. I love your blog...I get excited with every update. Stella is so cute in the headband all ready for church.

  4. oh stella i could just eat your cute little face! (but i won't!!) Look like you guys had a lot of fun. Man i love digital camera and taking all the pictures my heart wants. That little room is cute.

  5. That picture of you and Leslie laughing together is priceless!!


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