Thursday, July 03, 2008

We're sweaty.

Look what Mike did today.
He built a patio!

(And almost died of heat stroke in the process. Well, not really, but he did get super hot and dizzy. Don't ask me why we waited until July to do this.)

Doesn't Oliver look thrilled?

At least someone in our family has cleavage.

Have a happy weekend.
If you need us, we'll be out back.


  1. looks great! the patio furniture for it will be there sunday nite. stella looks delicious! mom

  2. poor little stella looks like she needs a popsicle. the backyard looks awesome!

  3. Miss Stella looks like she is about to die of heat stroke. Somebody get that baby in front of the AC unit! Tell her not to worry, Aunt Ginger will take very good care of her in Utah!

    And tell Mike the patio looks fabulous! Hmmm, we need to plan a trip out there in the bleak mid-winter... let's chat about that in Utah.

  4. Wow, that's awesome! I'm very excited for you with your new grass & now patio. Handy husbands are great aren't they?

  5. Your backyard is looking so homey, Stephanie. Isn't it all fun? Esp. when one's husband is so handy.
    Terrific work.

  6. I'm so impressed! Your husband is quite handy.

  7. The patio looks great. I like the pattern. Isn't it nice to have a handyman around?!? I also like how they signed their names. We did that, too, when we poured our front patio.

  8. so eric told me that you posted your this awesome patio and asked if i had seen it. well i quickly reminded him of him yelling at me to get off the computer so he could get on!! Boys. well i do love the patio. and love the cleavage. eric is telling Carson that he needs to marry stella!!!

  9. oooo I like the patio! I love how the stones aren't the same size :)


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