Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ah, Young Love

Mike turns 29 on Saturday.
That means that it will have been ten years since this picture was taken at his missionary open house.
I can't believe it.

We were so little.
But very much in love.

(Thanks for being there with me and manning the camera, Mrs. Dub.)


  1. you guys do look so young.

  2. You guys are way cute! Tell Mike happy birthday... and to get ready for a weekend of Scrabble!

  3. I didn't know you knew each other before he left.
    That's how I remember him from HS.
    It's a great picture.
    I love finding pics of my husband and I before his mish.
    Sometimes I think it would be nice to visit that time period, but not the 2 yrs in between.

  4. I just posted about our 10 year anniversary- I remember Mike was about to leave on his mission- I guess just days later! I remember thinking Mike's girlfriend was SO cute.

  5. The years go by fast don't they. I know I wonder where the years have gone -yesterday you and Mike were married and now you have 3 of the sweetest babies ever. Can't wait to see you next week. We can have a belated birthday cake for Mike and Mabel and Oliver can help me make it.
    Love and Hugs

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  7. Mike you were so wittle, Happy Birthday!, we will all remember your date of birth on Saturday. Have a good one. "one" meaning your birthday.

  8. You guys have been together since before his mission? Impressive!

  9. awww, y'all have so much history - Jay and I dated for two months and then were engaged for eight, though only together for three weeks of that engagement - crazy BYU fast, no?

  10. did someone say scrabble? :)

    happy bday mike! i'm so glad you took steph back. see you soon, guyses!


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