Sunday, June 22, 2008

What's old really is new again.

(my great grandma- Sadie Stella Vasseur Britton, my mom- Lauren Stephanie, Jesse Vasseur
Dallas, 1955)

My Great Grandma must be smiling.
Because in the last seven months, we have had a Sadie and a Stella born into the P* family.


  1. yes, i am sure she is very happy! she was a wonderful lady. the last time we saw her she said that julianne was a little french girl. and she would know because she was too! mom

  2. I love both those names, and even cooler that they are family names: )

  3. Great family names.
    Love and Hugs

  4. awesome picture. beautiful baby girls to make grammy britton proud.

    mom, who is jesse vasseur? i need to consult my PAF. . .

  5. Makes me wish I had named more of my kids "family" names.

  6. Love reading your blog. I have a granddaughter that is the 6th Mary in our family. Makes geneology fun and easier to carry on those family names.


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