Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Mabel

Today she turns six.

I love Mabel.
I am so blessed to be her mom.

She is always happy.
She loves waffles and milk.
She lets Oliver have his way.
She is silly.
She is sweet.
She is thoughtful.
She can read anything.
She wants to travel the world someday.
She has a great imagination.
She is tender.
She is a good listener.
She is messy.
She can't bear to throw anything away.
She still loves to wear pink dresses.
She misses school.
She likes to hug.
She is a great big sister.
She always reminds us to have Family Home Evening,
to bless the food,
and to read our scriptures.
She likes to be home.

She can usually be found:
reading in the living room
writing a story or drawing a picture at the table
playing "guys" with Oliver
or somewhere making Stella happy

I don't know what we would do without her!


  1. She is so dang adorable. Happy birthday Mabel!

  2. She is very sweet... we can't wait to play with her!

  3. Happy Birthday to Mabel. She is a VERY special little girl. Six years old.
    Love and Hugs

  4. like i always say - i don't think you are worthy of her! she is very perfect and very special. can't wait to see her in a few days. mom

  5. We love Mabel too! I'm sure Ellie wishes she had her very own Mabel at our house.

  6. What a fun little girl! Happy Birthday!

  7. i'm proud to be her auntie. what a wonderful girl she is! happy bday mabelicious!

  8. Mabel is so super cute. Happy sixth!

  9. What a sweet picture...Happy Birthday! Steph, I remember sitting next to you in Mr. Barretts (sp?) class and you saying that you wanted to be a mom, well, you've turned out to be an incredible mom with three incredibly cute, adorable and sweet kids...of course I only know all this through your blog, but it doesn't surprise me in the least, they are just like their mother! I'd love to make Mabel one of those dresses if you're interested, as a late bday gift...let me know...

  10. happy happy birthday mabel!

  11. what a cute girl she is. i really like emma at this age 6. they are being coming more and more helpful. don't you just love it.

  12. oh this post is wonderful! i love it, and mabel. so adorable. she really is an angel.


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