Thursday, June 26, 2008

I don't want old lady hands.

Do you get Newsweek?
Did you notice Cindy McCain's old lady hands?
She's only 54, but she has lived in Arizona her whole life.
I am seriously considering getting these.
I live in Arizona, too, and the sun here is intense.
My skin was meant for the highlands of Scotland.
Not this bright desert.
I wear sunscreen everyday
--even on the backs of my hands--
but these driving gloves might be a little more convenient.
Totally embarrassing, but convenient.

What about you, would you wear them?
And if I did, would you still be my friend?

p.s. I am fine with having old lady hands when I am an actual old lady.
Just not before then.


  1. I would totally still be your friend, but those won't be super helpful unless they have UV protection.

    I already have old lady hands... I inherited them from my mother. They are extremely lined. Luckily, my age spots are still small, but I see them coming on my forearms!

  2. Wow, where did you find those?
    Isn't it funny we worry about the sun, and yet I KNOW people who go to tanning beds often. I sometimes wish I did, and I have years ago, but maybe it will save me from being leathery and getting skin cancer.
    I do not wear sunscreen unless going swimming. My moisturizer for my face does have it though.

  3. totally get them steph. i'm paranoid about wrinkly hands, too, and hence, don the 'screen every day. don't we love spf 70? :)

  4. as you know, i'm not as diligent with the spf ... and it shows. it's probably to late for me, but those gloves might give you a chance.

  5. There is a company out of Scottsdale, run by a wonderful woman in our Stake called Solar Eclipse and all of their stuff is UV protected.

    (I read that article on Cindy McCain just this morning and thought the same thing.)

  6. The three places we age first:
    around the eyes
    Wear your sunscreen:)

  7. well. . .i would still be your friend but probably wouldn't ride in the car with you. and i think if your mom has old lady hands at an early age, you are more likely to. if not, i wouldn't worry too much. i have facial sun spots comin my way. but hopefully not since i wear sunscreen on my face daily.

  8. a fellow (female version) Arizonan, I would wear them. I drove to California and back a couple of weeks ago and I thought about all that sun on that left side when I don't use AC.

  9. Hate to tell ya this, Steph.... but you will *always* hate 'old lady hands'. Always!
    Lots of the Asian women here in so. Cal wear these things everywhere.

  10. What's worse than spotted hands and wrinkly cleavage? I would wear those.


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