Thursday, June 26, 2008

Old McDonald's

I love being a mom.

In fact, there are very few things about my job that I don't enjoy. I might complain to Mike about having to get up with Stella 2 or 3 times a night, but really, I don't mind doing it, I just like having his sympathy. I don't mind wiping bottoms or keeping house. I like doing laundry and baking cookies. I really like reading to my kids and watching them play.
Being a mom is fabulous.

But one thing I can't stand about being a mom is going to McDonald's. It's just plain gross. Yes, I know I don't have to take my kids there. I realize there are better, healthier options for lunch, but it is Oliver's favorite place. And it makes him so happy.
So, we went there for lunch today.

And I ate a cheeseburger.

(And some french fries.)

how much I love my kids.

Me and Stella, waiting for the big kids to finish playing.
(This is way better than I look in real life, so you better believe I'm posting this picture. I don't even care if you make fun of me for doing it.)

And now I am off to make these, because my mouth has been watering for them ever since I read that post.


  1. I am totally making those caramel bars soon too... I saw those the other day and fell in love!

    So, give us the story with the throw up. I had to do that the other day at Chik-Fil-A. Yum! Sorry, other fellow fast food goers! :-) It made me remember why I never get that stuff for my kids, and why I definitely never go inside. I mean never... and then the one time I do... as Andrew would say: Boo-yah!

  2. sorry to be confusing, ginger. no one actually threw up. cleaning up throw up is just another thing i don't like doing as a mom. i can handle other bodily fluids, but throw up really gets me.

  3. ahh, i hear you-gross-did they play in the play place? that is especially gross but they are building their immune systems right?! i cringe when we go but we go-sometimes, because the kids like it. oh well!

    your haircut is adorable-i think i want my hair cut like that but i'm nervous about bangs. i haven't had them for years and i'm not sure how i would look and how hard they are to "style".

  4. I hear you; I think I've taken the kids to McD's a total of twice - ever. If they had a placeplace at Wendy's though, I'd be all over it.

    Your hair looks great!

  5. as someone who has seen you in real life, that picture is actually quite accurate, although the new 'do is doing a lot for you. i'm officially request photos from all angles to take to my stylist. did i mention i'll be in arizona in two weeks? maybe i can just see your stylist.

  6. oh blah. we've been to mcdonald's about 3 times too many since we moved in. i seriously have no energy to cook. but my kids know well that the only playplace they're allowed to play in is at chick fil a.

    plus, they have those yummy shakes for me. . .

    you failed to mention your new haircut earlier! it's soo very cute. i love your straight hair, always have.

  7. love the haircut and your picture. don't love mcdonalds. when i was a kid i thought it was awesome, but now the food makes me feel soooo blah. luckily my kids haven't asked to go there in a long time.
    the only chick-fil-a we have is in the mall, so no play place there. rats.

  8. I'm totally with you on mcdonalds. I'm not a big fan cause the toys make me kind of sick when i think of all the germs on them and that one time a kid threw up in it when my kids were in there.. SICK!! so i just take had germ soap and i;m a little better. oh, and that is a good picture of you. me and my kids always look funny. why can't we take one picture and everyone looks good. sheesh!

  9. Your hair is ADORABLE.
    I never take my kids to the playplace, but we DO McD's prob once or twice a month for a stinking happy meal. I must be hanging with the wrong crowd, because all of my friends do drive-thru. (referring to nie nie and other blogs I have read) Sometimes a mom has got to have a break. I do agree that wendy's chicken nuggets are so much better than mcd's.
    Anytime you want someone to go and sit inside with the nastiness, I'll go!

  10. you look so great! i miss you tons. and especially that chunky baby on your lap.

  11. You and Stella look alike there. Let's get Mabel to cut her hair short again. She is so cute with that cut.

  12. Lucky for me, Stephanie made the carmel bars and brought some over!!

  13. well, this makes you a better mom than me. I won't do McD's. Not to play or eat. The play area gives me the heevie-jeevies and the food is disgusting.

    You always look adorable. I love your hair.

  14. Oh man... now I have to go make those oatmeal bars!

  15. I wouldn't say better than real life, but you do look great! I love your high chair and the chubby little baby in it. Maybe next week swimming at my house?


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