Thursday, March 06, 2008

She's growing up.

That makes me and Oliver really sad.

(Soon after Stella was born and wasn't gaining any weight, it was Oliver's turn to say the family prayer. Mike was prompting him and told him to ask Heavenly Father to help Stella grow. Oliver whispered to Mike that he didn't want Stella to get any bigger. He just likes her little. Isn't that sweet?)

But she loves facing forward in the Bjorn.
It's much more interesting than looking at my neck.


  1. That is so sweet about Oliver. But I'm afraid it's true; Stella's looking bigger and more grown up every post! Cute, cute.

  2. i love that story.

  3. what a sweet brother. sometimes i miss the "baby" baby stage, but there are so many fun things about all the stages (so far - not sure how we'll do w/ teens . . .).

  4. That is so sweet. I've been worried that my Oliver wouldn't enjoy having a baby... he already talks about what he and Tucker are going to do when Tucker gets bigger. We'll see.

  5. i don't think i could love that baby any more.

  6. it's so hard! i too wish they could just little forever.

  7. adorable--both Stella AND Oliver.(Mabel is pretty dang cute too!)

  8. Yes they all grow up TOO fast. My babies are now grandparents!
    Their babies are now parents and it goes on!
    Love you much


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