Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Thanks to Mike we have this lovely picture of me teaching the kids about the First Vision while simultaneously nursing Stella. Excellent placement of the magazine, I might add.

Here, Stella manages to be naked and (semi) modest at the same time.

And finally, Oliver mysteriously gets his picture taken while maintaining his strict "no pictures for me!" policy. It's a good thing Mike is so tricky.

Now I must go pack for the snow and the beach. At the same time.
That's what I call multitasking.


  1. never been happier to see chunky legs!! so cute.

  2. love stella's knees!!! so cute. :)

    have fun on vacation!

  3. looks like your kids are really listening to what your saying.

  4. FHE with children is comical even without the nursing, but I can remember those days, too.

    Mike is one tricky-trickster. Can't wait to see you guys at the end of the month!

  5. Those are cute pictures. I was wondering if you could email me. My mom and I were looking for carpet cleaners and I think you said on your blog that's what Mike does? Just wanted more info.

  6. Oh the joys of multi-tasking and nursing. I always get a lot of reading done, though.

  7. Youi are so good at multi tasking. Packing is the worst though- I really don't like it.
    That Stella is toooo cute and getting that sweet baby fat. Oliver just thought he wouldn't get his picture taken. Was he surprised when he saw it?
    Love you

  8. i've found myself nursing during the most random situations. gotta love being a mom. i'd love to see the boys multi-task like that!

  9. I am really sad that by the time I get to see Stella she is going to be out of that cute little chubby age! You all need to come visit us!

  10. this is perhaps one of your most clever-est posts!


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