Wednesday, November 15, 2017

for mike

I've known Mike for more than half my life now (20 years last September!), and I am grateful for him. I am thankful for the friends who inspired him to apply to BYU at the absolute last second, grateful that we kept running into each other at the beginning of our freshman year, and grateful that my sister made me ask him to dance the night we met. I am thankful that he remembered my phone number and called me for a date a few days later, and grateful that he called me again when he got home from his mission, even though I had stopped writing to him. I am grateful for everyday we've spent as husband and wife. Last night, we were talking about how well we know each other now verses when we got married, or even just a few years ago, and the more I know Mike, the more grateful I am for him. He is steady and calm and tender and so funny. He is the best part of my life.

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