Monday, April 24, 2017

Easter, finally

Do you ever go back to bed after you've sent your kids off to school? Sometimes it is so tempting! I was babysitting nieces and nephews last week and I feel like I am still catching up on sleep. But rather than nap this morning, I feel the pull to write here for a minute.

Easter fell right in the middle of my eight day babysitting stint, so here I am, more than a week later, finally thinking about it. I try to keep Easter as religious as possible at our house. We don't do Easter baskets, or presents, and we hardly ever dye eggs. This year, because things were hectic with all of those extra kids, we didn't even do an egg hunt. I don't think anyone missed it. And I definitely didn't miss having all of that candy around the house. Our one non-religious tradition comes from Mike's childhood. He hides a chocolate bunny for everyone to find on Easter morning.

The rest of the day was spent worshipping at church as a family and with Mike's parents at Sunday dinner. My nieces and nephews went to their grandma's house that day, so it was a nice, quiet break for me.

I love Easter with the hope and rebirth that comes with it. I know that because Jesus Christ lived and died and lived again, so can I. And so can my family. Because He atoned for my sins, I can try again and again, as often as it takes for me to become more like Him. These things bring me peace in a world that is so lacking in peace, and I am grateful for a religion that helps me to know them.

I hope your Easter was a happy one.

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