Thursday, March 16, 2017

hiking the hieroglyphic trail

One of my goals for this spring break was to take my kids hiking. There are so many hikes nearby and this is the perfect time of year to try them. First on our list was the Hieroglyphic Trail in Gold Canyon, about 40 minutes away from us. It is a gentle sloping trail, about 3 miles long, there and back. It wasn't too difficult for Elliot, my six year old, but he was definitely worn out by the end of it. There were lots of pretty vistas and the whole area seemed so green (relatively speaking, of course). The best part is that at the top of the trail are ancient petroglyphs covering the rocks.

They were pretty amazing. There was also a small waterfall and a little trickling stream, with lots of large boulders to climb. It was really fun and the cool shade was really refreshing. My kids didn't want to leave.

Every once in a while (usually when I am standing next to a ginormous saguaro cactus like this one) I remember that we really live in the desert here. I am learning to appreciate it!


  1. We love that hike, especially because of the amazing amount of saguaros surrounding it. We've never actually made it to the top with the kids, but I'm sure that will happen when they are older. You're kids look great up on that rock! My, how they've grown!

  2. Anonymous10:38 AM

    You know we moved to Northern California, Right? Some of the prettiest country I have ever been in. However, I have this LOVE of the desert. It took me a while to appreciate it. Last April I went to run rim to rim to rim of the grand canyon and when I was back in Arizona i wondered if re did the right thing to move away (it was for work). I mean, I moved to one of the most beautiful parts of the country and I was lamenting leaving the desert? I decided that it was because I was in Arizona in April, and in the Grand Canyon no less. Anybody who does not see the Grand Canyon as BEAUTIFUL in April is basically dead inside. I would have to test my love for Arizona a different time. So, we visit in July! July. If I still loved Arizona in July then it meant that Arizona really is my true love. And....WE came and I loved it. It was hot, I do not like to traffic and business of Mesa per se, but I LOVE the desert and I love my family and my friends in the valley. I love the cactus and the rocks and the challenging trail runs and the beautiful bike rides. All that being said, I feel that my love for Arizona first fall with "my people" who are there. And then I grew to really really love the desert. All that being said, I still cannot fathom why people willingly move there!


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