Friday, January 06, 2017

happy weekend

We spent last weekend in the mountains, just a couple of hours away, where there was a little bit of snow. It was so beautiful! We were severely underdressed, of course, but it sure was pretty. When I look out my window today at home, the sun is shining and warm, the grass is green, and the leaves are finally falling off all of the trees. Winter in Arizona is a little backwards, but it's my favorite.

I've been trying to think of small changes I can make, shifts in my habits, to help me accomplish my new year's resolution. I've been seeking inspiration in lots of places, and found some in this little video. My favorite part is when Josh talked about how any time spent with family can be quality time. Even if we are doing something mundane or small, we can do it together. Usually, I want to get my work done and move on to something else, but involving my kids can be a sweet experience. I need to remember that. And complimenting! Josh had lots of good advice on how to compliment our children. It is so important and sometimes it can feel a little awkward for me. I definitely need to work on that.

I like the idea of having one big, broad resolution for the year, but then finding small ways that I can accomplish it every day. This is new for me and it just feels right this year.

Today I have spent the morning puttering, and new year puttering is the best. I see my home with fresh eyes. Piles that have been languishing for months finally get put away. Furniture gets rearranged. Drawers get cleared. It feels really great.

Is it snowy and cold where you are? Or sunny and bright? Whatever the weather, I hope you have a happy weekend.

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  1. I like your positive attitude. :) It's very cold here (central Illinois) - 8 degrees right now (wind chill of -3) but I was out there in my under armour layers as usual, doing my power walk/run for an hour, which for me is 4.4 miles. It's not an easy task at this time of year especially when it means changing in all of my P.E. clothes smack dab in the middle of my work day (when I go - on my lunch hour), but I've been doing this for over 2 years and it's important to me. I tend to grumble in the winter about it, but I always feel great afterwards and so energized. Snow is pretty, but I'm not fond of it because it makes it difficult (slippery) for the outdoor activities and for driving. I'm glad that thus far this winter, here, we haven't had much - just a couple of very light snows that tend to melt within a week. I know though that winter is early here... and we have tons more to go. Like you, I love the feeling of newness, when everything is tidied up and yes - I too love puttering. :)
    Have a nice weekend,


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