Friday, December 09, 2016

happy weekend

See that chair behind Stella? That's where our Christmas tree is supposed to be, but we haven't had time to pick one up yet! Crossing my fingers it happens tomorrow. I think this is the latest we've ever gotten a tree and I am totally missing it. The pine scent I have in my wax melter thingy just isn't cutting it.

For the first time in a long time I didn't worry about cleaning my house this week. I mean, I picked up and tidied and cleaned the kitchen every night, but I didn't dust or do the bathrooms and it was sort of liberating. I just had other stuff to do, you know? Things like hiking Camelback with a friend or going to the temple or watching the Great British Sewing Bee. Important stuff!

If you are in town, don't miss the Mesa Temple Lights. We're hoping to be there tonight with hot chocolate and doughnuts.

Today's Light the World is: Jesus Visited the Lonely and So Can You. My favorite, totally easy and do-able idea: Send a friendly text to someone who could use a boost. No one come to mind? Pray and ask God for someone that needs an uplifting text. Another idea is to write a letter to someone who is living away from home. My kids and I are going to write letters to the missionaries serving from our ward after school today. Have I mentioned how much I love this Christmas advent?! I love it.

Have a merry weekend!

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