Monday, October 03, 2016

five things

Oh, this weekend! I feel like I'm all filled up with goodness and inspiration, and now I need to go back over my notes and study the messages I heard, so that I can make them part of me and determine what adjustments I need to make.

If I believe that there is a prophet on the earth today, who teaches us the things that our Heavenly Father wants us to know right now (and I do, with all my heart), then I better know what he told us during this conference. So, I'll kick off a new season of conference reports with President Monson's message.

He only spoke for a few minutes, but he admonished us to do five things:

Do more than just believe in Jesus Christ, but work to know Him. Learn about Him the scriptures and through prayer. And use His power to repent and improve.

Know God's laws and follow them. This is the only way to true happiness.

Live the truth.

Share the truth.

And take care of our bodies and minds by living the Word of Wisdom.

These sound so simple, and they are, but each require a great effort. I am thankful for the words of the prophet. They give me guidance and direction. I know that if I work to improve in these five areas, then I will have greater happiness in my life.

You can watch President Monson's talk here, or read a summary here. (The text isn't available quite yet.)

Mike tried his hand at Stella's hair during conference. I had to snap a picture. I know he was being silly, but I think it actually looks quite pretty. For a #dadbraid. :)

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