Friday, August 26, 2016

happy weekend

I need more of this in my life. Our afternoons are quickly filling up with things like piano and choir and homework. I try to limit our activities, but we somehow end up feeling too busy anyway. Thank goodness it's Friday. Lots of downtime is just what our family needs right now.

In fact, Elliot is home sick from school today, and I am kind of glad he gets to take it easy. First grade is really wearing him out!

As I have been trying to figure out this new stage of my life, this little video was good reminder to focus on what matters most, and maybe to slow down a little, too. The difficulty of this transition has taken me by surprise. I thought I'd feel fancy free, but I mostly feel a little lost. After 14 years of caring for small children all day, having them gone at school has thrown me for a loop. I am trying to find the balance between using all of this time wisely while still feeling like I have a purpose. Last week involved lots of house cleaning. This week I spent a lot of time making dinner. But I don't want to spend all of my time doing either one of those things. I think I am slowly finding a routine, and that feels good.

Anyway, are you having good tv withdrawals now that the Olympics are over? Don't worry, Poldark Season Two starts soon. Hooray!

It's my birthday tomorrow, and even though Mike will be at school and church meetings all day, I am going to make it a good one. I have grand plans for elaborate chores the children can do for me to celebrate. Things like cutting up the branches I trimmed out of the orange trees this week and baking me a cheesecake. :)

Have a happy weekend!


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy a blessed weekend. Even though your family lifestyle is entirely different from mine, and our ages are completely opposite (I'm old enough to be your Mom), I relate on so many levels to things you share and have enjoyed following your blog for many years now.
    Linda in Illinois :)

  2. I teared up reading "but I mostly feel a little lost"... It's not exactly the same, as I still have a 7 month old at home, but I am sending (for the first time) my three bigs off to school next week and I am curious (after three years of homsechooling) what it will be like to have my days without them.

  3. I sent my youngest off to school this year too. And I am feeling all out of sorts. I'm not sure how to best use my time. I feel like with all my kids gone my house should be spotless - but that isn't very fulfilling as a goal. I need to do some more things that I love, like sewing and reading and friends. I'll be watching your transition as I stumble through mine.


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