Friday, October 09, 2015

Washington DC, Georgetown

On our last morning in town, we met up with my sister and an old friend from our home ward for breakfast in Georgetown. It was cold and rainy that day. If I was looking for fall, I sure found it. Of course our desert blood froze. :)

But oh man, Georgetown is cute! I would love to visit again someday and explore it a little more.

Top on Mabel's list was visiting Georgetown Cupcake. We took a half dozen back to our hotel room and declared them delicious.

Also in this part of town is the Old Stone House. It's the oldest home in the district. It only takes a few minutes to peek into its rooms, but I loved it. I love old houses like this. I like the way they smell, and the creaks in the floors. Plus it was a good place to step out of the rain for a bit.

The gardens were lush and rain soaked and so pretty.

Here's what I learned about Washington DC: Four and a half days of sightseeing isn't enough! There were lots of places we just didn't have the time to see, and that makes me sad. Also, I think everyone should visit at some point in their life. There is so much history, and so much appreciation to be gained for the inspired beginning of this country.

It was exhausting and non-stop, and my feet still haven't recovered from all the walking we did, but it was wonderful! We'll have to go back when our younger kids are a little older. I thought Mabel was just the right age for it.


  1. what a lovely recap! I spent a long weekend in DC during college in April while the cherry blossoms were in bloom (BEAUTIFUL!) I hated having to choose between the museums, I wanted to go to them all! I still think of all the things I saw the Korean War memorial was the most moving- as a piece of art and what it represented. I'd like to go back one day and take my kids...

  2. You're absolutely right about D.C. Not even two weeks isn't enough! I've lived in Jersey for seven years now, and there is still so much I want to see. There is so much history there even in Alexandria, VA. We've seen quite a few museums, and sights in D.C., but there is so much to do there! It's kind of like New York, and Philly too. There's so much to see! I'm grateful to live in an area where I can take my kids to learn, and be inspired with all the history we are surrounded with! Sometimes I miss Utah, but I love the east!! Georgetown is a quaint college town! Love georgetown cupcakes. Baked and Wired is another good one too! Maybe next time you go you can try that! Take care!


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