Friday, August 21, 2015

happy weekend

Well, we have the first full week of school under our belts and here are my thoughts:

We love half-day kindergarten. I still get my buddy for part of the day, and some time by myself to get stuff done. Plus, Elliot is having a great time at school. It's a total win win. We were able to take some naps, run some errands, and eat lunch together everyday this week. It's been so nice!

Getting up super early day after day is really hard, but completely worth it. It feels like I am being proactive and using my time more wisely.

And I know I've talked about it before, but I think having a routine is so important. My kids need the stability that a routine creates. And so do I! Having a consistent flow to our days makes life at home more predictable, but that means more peaceful, too. It just seems easier to do this during the school year.

Our best times as a family are when we are all home together in the living room. This year, I want to see more of that happen. So while we have piano lessons and homework and scouts and choir and everything else, I am conscious of not adding more to our schedule than is needed. School is busy enough. We need more down time together.

Our weather is ever so slowly inching its way toward fall. I'm even considering stocking up on canned pumpkin. We're still over 100 degrees everyday, but not by much. It's amazing how nice 102 can feel after days of >110. I hope the mornings are crisp wherever you are!

Have a good weekend!


  1. I love that store! Did you go to Phoenix or Tempe?

  2. whatever store that is, it looks like a mad dream and i'd love to dig through it! makes me project plan just looking at it:)
    feels a wee fall like here in Cali, ~but mostly i think just because school has started. not because of the weather. (110 - for real?!!)

  3. Your comment about the weather made me smile. Here in Maine, folks are complaining because night time temps are still in the 60's and humid. Bad sleeping weather. We are far wimpy than you!

    I also admire your intention to keep the after school schedule under control. Love knowing I'm not the only mother who doesn't see value in being in the car 24/7. Hurray for down time.

  4. happy belated birthday!!!!!


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