Friday, August 14, 2015

happy weekend

This is why I chose half day kindergarten right here. He had started to give his naps up during the summer, but school wipes him out just enough so that we find ourselves having a little lie down after lunch. Thank goodness.

This week I have been reminded of the truth that everyone is happier when they have work to do. Forming a routine is key at our house. We've fallen into a nice one already, and it feels great. There is a purpose to our days that was sometimes lacking during summer break (which is how it should be, I think). But I am grateful for this new school year, for the fresh start, and the opportunity for growth for all of us.

I like where we are and who we are becoming.

Have a happy weekend!

p.s. Mike made a Facebook page for my blog. I don't know how it works, or why a blog even needs a Facebook page, but if you'd like to follow along there, here is the link.

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  1. Yay for the half day kindergarten. I think that's how it should be. Our district is going to all day K this year and I am so happy my kids are past having to deal with that.
    Your son reminds me of me....I also like a little nap after I eat lunch.
    Glad your routine is productive. That's a good feeling. Have a great weekend.


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