Tuesday, July 21, 2015

first stop: Logan

Here goes the travelogue. I hope you don't mind. . .

Mike owns a Chem Dry carpet cleaning company. The corporate headquarters are located in Logan, Utah, and he was presenting at a conference there during the last week of June, so we tagged along. I had never been to the Cache Valley area of northern Utah before, and it was so beautiful! We had a fun three days exploring the area and swimming in the hotel pool while Mike was busy in his meetings.

Our favorite spot, and the only place I photographed, apparently, was Tony Grove, about 20 minutes outside of Logan. It is a pretty little lake nestled high in the mountains, surrounded by pines and wild flowers. We walked the short loop all the way around and admired the views.

It felt really great to stretch our legs after spending the previous two days in the car on the drive up.

Other fun things we did in Logan: we went antique shopping, ate spudnuts at Johnny O's, took turns driving a friend's off-road vehicle up the mountain (and now Mabel and Oliver are counting down the days until they're 16), and went horseback riding. I've heard the winters up there are sort of brutal, but Mike and I were ready to sell everything we own and find a little land to farm. We really liked it there.

And look at the pretty temples we found! We stopped at the St. George, Utah temple on the drive up, and saw the Logan, Utah temple while we were out and about one day.


  1. That's where I went to college and I haven't seen pictures of Tony Grove for a long time. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. i've only been in Logan when all i can see and feel is Utah winterness! what a beautiful summer stop it would be.

  3. Logan in the spring, summer, and fall is such an amazing place! But Logan in the winter is terrible, ha. My family it originally from there, and I also moved back there for college after we moved away when I was in middle school. There's definitely something special about it!

  4. I never realized how similar those two temples look!
    Such a pretty spot to do some exploring!

  5. I've never been to Logan either but we had friends move there last year from San Diego and we're supposed to go see the house they just finished building soon. They love it there.


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