Sunday, June 21, 2015

happy birthday Mabel!

Not only does Mabel have to put up with these yahoos all of the time, but she has had to put up with having me and Mike as her parents for the past 13 years, too. Despite all of us, she is turning into the best young woman. She is bright and kind and creative. She is helpful and responsible and funny. I am excited about this next phase of teenager-hood because I can see who she is becoming and it makes my heart burst with love and pride. She's going to knock her teen years out of the park.

p.s. How not to ruin your relationship with your teenager.


  1. Mabel you are ao beautiful inside an out. You look so nuch like your Mom. She is wonderful and such a role model for you. Have a wonderful Birthday and know we love you.
    Great grammy


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