Monday, March 23, 2015

spring break

Sometimes I think it would be nice to take a trip during spring break. We could go somewhere beachy or snowy. We could have an adventure! But then I remember that we are home bodies. And it would be such a shame to miss the perfect (and so very fleeting) beautiful spring weather here in the desert if we left. And Mike has to work anyway. And so instead we go to the library and load up on books. And we stay up as late as we want, reading in bed. And when we wake up in the morning we pick our books right back up again and read until we absolutely have to eat a bowl of cereal or we will perish from hunger. And maybe we go to the movies. Or the park. And really, that's all you need for one fantastic spring break. At least at our house.


  1. A beautiful way to spend spring break!

  2. I hope you will let us know what you have been reading lately. Your recommendations are very good.

  3. Sounds delightful!

  4. that sounds absolutely idyllic, and MY perfect version of Spring Break. I wish my kids loved to read and lay around in pajamas as much as I do, but if we didn't make plans to things or go places I'd spend 8 hours a day listening to them whine about being bored, or fighting with each other or begging to use the computer/tv.
    Both my husband and I are HUGE readers and honestly I have never been able to figure out why our kids aren't the same way about books (especially since I read to them ALL THE TIME as babies). My middle daughter does like to read, so we've got 1/3.


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