Friday, March 06, 2015

happy weekend

This is something happy: My brother, Matt, and two of his boys are in town for a quick Spring Training trip. Spring Training is huge here! And my boys are in baseball/cousin heaven.

I've been sewing a lot lately. While I sew, I like to watch or listen to something. I made it through a whole season of Project Runway, which was fun, but then I started to feel like I could maybe use my time more wisely. So I started listening to Conversations on the Mormon Channel. They are informal radio interviews with members of the church who have interesting stories or points of view. This is going to sound crazy, but I was getting really discouraged about the sewing projects I was working on. But listening to these uplifting conversations took my discouragement away and filled me with inspiration instead. If I wasn't sure how to proceed on my sewing project, as I listened, the answer would come. And I didn't end the day feeling stressed and impatient and bogged down. Oh! It has made such a difference.

I have particularly enjoyed Elder and Sister Bednar, Elder and Sister Perry, and Elder and Sister Holland.

I think my brother is going to make us pancakes this morning, and he makes the world's best pancakes! So our weekend is off to a good start. I hope yours is, too. Have a happy one!


  1. I LOVE you listening to "Conversations," as well! I always come away with a little thought or idea of inspiration that helps me. I agree, the ones you mentioned are some of my favorites. I have also enjoyed Karen Payne's interview on conversations. Her strength, faith, and mothering style inspires me! I also found Pete Czerny's interview interesting. He's so upbeat and happy it's contagious!

  2. I love these too! When I just can't get started on house work, I listen to these and it takes my mind off of what I am doing. I really like the "Gospel Solutions for Families" on there too...lots of good stuff!

  3. Yes Mormon Channel is such an inspirational program. I find it extra fun to listen to some of our apostles right before General Conference. It is so fun to learn more of their background and so often their talks in conference relate to what they had talked about on conversations. And Gospel Solutions for Families is amazing! Have a great weekend!

  4. didn't know about the 'conversations.' interesting, thanks! i may follow your lead and trade out some of my own project runaway -never miss a season- habits for some inspiring 'conversations' listening :)


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