Friday, February 27, 2015

happy weekend

The orange blossoms are here! Hooray! I wish I could send a whiff of the warm, sweet air from my backyard to yours. There is nothing better than the smell of orange blossoms. Nothing!

This weekend is full of happy, busy things. Things like school carnivals, soccer games, and neighborhood fiestas. February was good to us this year and I will be sad to see it end.

The best thing I saw this week? My two favorite Pauls, singing my most favorite song. (The whole thing is good, but you can skip to 5:42 if you want.)

What's the best thing you saw this week?

Have a happy weekend!

1 comment:

  1. I will be in Mesa this weekend because nate has a work event (we are seeing a phoenix suns game and have a fancy pants box for it), so I am running the phoenix half to chip away at 13 of my 18 miler. I remember having rain for it last year and it just magnified the smell of the orange blossoms. I am excited to experience that again this year. And I will be running a lot slower this year as I am not 'racing" but helping guide a blind runner coming off of foot surgery, so I will be sure to soak it in.


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