Friday, February 20, 2015

happy weekend

Stella stayed home from school for a couple of days this week because she said her throat felt "wet". I don't even know what that means. In her defense, she had a runny nose and a pretty awful cough, too. We both enjoyed not having to rush her out the door in the morning. And Elliot really liked having a playmate. We're counting down until spring break next month, and then summer will come soon after that. We're getting trunky over here!

I just finished remaking a wedding dress for a bride. It was sort of a big job, so to reward myself, I ordered a little print from artist Emily Jeffords. I have long admired her work and I am excited to have some of it hanging in my home.

Also, are you a cat person? I'm not, but the other five people who live in my house most definitely are. They thought this video of cats welcoming soldiers home was really funny. Cats can be so mean.

I am looking forward to going out with Mike tonight, but other than that our weekend, as usual, is wide, wide open. Have a good one!


  1. Our schools here are very strict with attendance, so my daughter would attest, I was the meanest mom around when it came to her wanting to stay home - in her words "she'd have to be dying before I'd let her stay home". I'm not sure that's correct, ;) as she did miss a fair amount of days that seemed to increase as she got older. High school was the worst, but they had the requirement that you could only miss 5 days the entire year and anything more than that required a doctor's note. Needless to say, it was a fight to the very end of her grade school years and now she's in college. : )

    Yes, both daughter and I are very much cat people. Love them all. We have two very spoiled cats who are both big babies wanting a lot of attention which we give them. They are like little dogs (though both are overweight, so there's probably dogs smaller than them, lol).

    Hope you have a nice time out with your husband and weekend.

  2. I love her paintings, too. Yay for a treat and a date for you and Mike!

  3. A wedding dress?! Pictures, please!

  4. love the 'wet' throat. so precious. --i also am not a cat person, but live with cat people. so a Christmas kitty happened and boy is she getting loved.


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