Friday, February 13, 2015

happy weekend

It's Friday already? Are we sure about that? Man alive, this week was a blur. A big blur of early mornings and homework and sewing and my aching, aching old lady back. (Those last two are most likely related.) It took 35 years, but I think my back has finally turned against me.

Also, I just realized that tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Slow down, February! Mike and I have dinner plans, but I told him not to get me a gift. Not even flowers. Just a hand written note where he tells me how pretty I am and how much he appreciates everything I do for him and the kids. Easy, right?

I hope your weekend is full of love, friends. Have a good one.


  1. Hope you have a nice Valentine's weekend. Sweet photo. : )

  2. I am a few years ahead of you with back pain. Have him buy you this for Valentine's day:
    Written by a doctor and a personal trainer--a no surgery back pain solution for life.
    (Or check it out from your library first to see if you like it--I've loved it).

  3. Love the light in that room Stephanie! My back starting killing me this year at 45, but I think Janey really did the damage.
    I told Jeff to buy me all the chocolate I could eat in one day, and not a bit more than that :)
    Have a great sunny warm weekend!

  4. It's been so cold here these past few weeks, we haven't gotten past the aching, sneezing, and all that fun stuff. But, after Valentines I finally got the deep cleaning done and I'm getting ready for Spring.


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