Saturday, November 22, 2014

for running

Mike and I still run together three or four times a week. I know I've said it before, but I never in a million years thought that I'd become a runner. I like that it gets me outside and gets my blood pumping. Pushing myself physically is rewarding (both for my physical and mental state). I am a happier and more balanced person because I run. But my favorite part about it is that Mike and I can do it together. It is easily one of the best things we've ever done for our relationship. I am thankful for these short legs of mine that have carried me many many miles over the past few years, and for the time I get to spend with Mike while I am doing it. And besides, I realized during this morning's run along the canal that the canals in our town look their best (and should probably only be viewed) in the half light of an early dawn. It was a beautiful morning.

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  1. Had to comment because I also love running with my husband--and I never thought I'd be a runner! I'm actually typing this while I cool down after a run with my husband. :-)

    I don't know if you two have done any races together but that is my absolute favorite. My husband is definitely faster than I am (he is 10 inches taller) but training for and racing together is my very favorite thing that we've ever done in our marriage. We've done a few half-marathons together and I just ran my first marathon this spring--someday when he has more time we will do a full together!


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