Wednesday, November 05, 2014

for naps

I don't why I always seem to forget this, but I am a much better mother and wife when I've taken a nap. Every day this week, Elliot and I have snuggled into my bed for a little rest after lunch. And I feel so much better! I am thankful for a life that allows naps. And for a little boy who still needs them.


  1. Agreed. I stay up til 1 or 2am (even without a newborn) to get stuff done but I couldn't do that without my 1-2 hour daily nap with the kids! :) As long as I get 8 hours, it shouldn't matter if I nap or not, right!?!

  2. I don't have young children, but I still love afternoon naps. I just don't get them often enough (they don't like it when I sleep at the office, ha ha). : )


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