Friday, November 14, 2014

for family nearby

We went to the park behind our house yesterday afternoon and ran into some cousins. In matching shirts, no less! These three girls attend the same elementary school and it's like they have their own special little club. I love it! Next year, Elliot will start kindergarten with two of his favorite cousins. I love having family so close. It makes me sad that I will never live near my own sisters, but my sisters-in-law here in Arizona have become my best friends. We see each other often, and our kids all get along so well. I am so thankful to live near our family.

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  1. I share your sentiment. Though my three sisters live at least 2 hours to our north, our parents live right next door to me. As they are 89 and 84, I made the choice many years back to move them here next door and I wouldn't have it any other way. My belief is that it is a daughter (or son's) responsibility to care for their aging parents. It's what my Dad did for his parents and it's what I do for them.


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