Friday, May 02, 2014

an end of the week report, but mostly just a weather report

I think I talk about the weather too much. I can't help it! I'm either genuinely surprised by how nice it is outside, or equally surprised/disappointed by how hot it is. That probably makes me a boring person, but I never claimed to be anything else. And so:

The sun was shining this week, and the wind was blowing. Man alive, was it ever windy. This is the beginning of the end, you know. No more skipping to the park without breaking a sweat from here on out. I'll try not to be too grumpy about it, or talk about it too much, but I don't make any guarantees.

But oh, despite that blasted wind, this was a good week! Lots of busy, end of the year things, but all good things. I am grateful for my kids and for their hard work. They are bright people, and I love watching them grow and succeed.

We don't have much planned this weekend except for gearing up to watch our niece and nephews next week while their parents are out of town. They live exactly two blocks away from us, but my kids are pumped to have them staying at our house for the week. It'll be like one long (exhausting) slumber party, school nights and all. Fun!

What are you up to? (I'm serious, I want to know.)


  1. I am cleaning cupboards, painting, and sewing a darling doll pattern from Retromama. Her patterns are seriously so cute!

  2. steph, you are never boring! will be going matt's for his birthday on sunday. a luncheon sat at noon for giel's basketball team. other than that we can be home. can't do much around here with the incapasated arm so grampy is busy,
    love and hugs

  3. I just got back from walmart, with the ingredients I need to make a yummy mountain dew cake for dessert on Sunday while we have the missionary's over :) my name is Laura btw. I live in Nebraska. I enjoy reading your blog and have made your delicious pumpkin bread! I also wrote down all of the recipes you posted for pumpkin/ lemon desserts. Yum!

  4. I'm expecting our first LO in July so I'm dragging my husband on a prenatal tour of the pediatrician (if you can't tell, he thinks it's pointless!) Then we are gearing up for a wknd of assembling furniture, hanging curtains and general baby prep mode! Can't wait! : )

  5. I'm celebrating my daughter's 6th birthday with extended family. They are all in town for my nephew's baptism tomorrow.
    Yeah for families and happy gatherings. P.S. The weather is suppose to be perfect in our neck of the woods. 70's and sunny.
    I'm thankful.

  6. We are off to LEGOLAND! Ready for some sun and beach time.

  7. We just moved into a new to us house two days ago. I'll be busy unpacking, keeping our 3 kids busy and out of too much mischief, hopefully go for a longish run, and holding down the fort while hubby works overtime.

  8. I've been dicing things and making homemade baby cereal in my new (and first-ever) food processor, and I just got my first ever order for my Etst shop, so I will be making things by hand this weekend. :)

  9. Working in my pottery studio and hopefully some yard work too.

  10. Oh, how I wish we had the weather you had. I am in Canada, and it is chilly here. brr...
    This weekend we are meeting with a web designer,my daughter has a birthday party to go to, and we are going to a curling banquet Saturday night. We get to dress in costumes, so it should be fun.

  11. Our weekend:
    Homemade pizza + a movie= Date Night once the kids are in bed Friday
    Playing out Saturday, followed by Family Movie Night
    Homemade tortillas & house cleaning Sunday to prepare for another week
    ... Also of note... we are on the countdown to going "home" for summer. 22 days left!!!

  12. I think your beautifully sunny Arizona weather looks wonderful! We live in the upper midwest and it's still chilly with lots of rain lately.

    I am painting doors in my garage. We have dark stained wooden interior doors which are wonderfully heavy and nice. I'm just brightening them up a bit with glossy white paint. I'm so excited to have doors again upstairs since all seven of them are off their hinges and out in my garage for the whole process! Also one daughter has a YW pre-camp hike, hubby has a Stake meeting, and I'm helping a friend get ready to move.

  13. Having grown up in Tempe, spending summers home from college for 3 years there, and living there for 4 years in grad school, I know what you are experiencing. However, I think that your references to the weather are like a breath of fresh air compared to what I hear from other people, mainly relatives, who complain incessantly with not-so-nice language about the heat. So thank you for your positivity (is that a word?) and best wishes as you enter this uncomfortable time of year.

    As for my weekend, I'm trying to recover from a fun week away with friends at Disneyland (where it was just as hot as AZ) so that I can get back to routine work life on Monday :)

  14. I talk about the wind A LOT!! Because we live here in central-Illinois where it's ALWAYS windy. In fact, a calm day without wind is so rare, I sometimes note those on the calendar. And I can't stand wind. I really, really detest it, even on hot days. My family knows that I can't stand it because I complain about it so much. I tell my husband that when we retire, I want to seek out a place that is less windy. It's so windy here because there is so much farmland and not many trees to block anything. Grrrr........

    As to what I'm doing, every day has been devoted to getting things ready for the huge High School graduation party we're hosting in just 3 weeks - 70 people coming to our little homestead, combining 3 families for this - 4 actually.... so every day I'm working on party details, making things, making sure everything is together for the big day. When that day passes, I'll take a slight breather before we finish up our summer vacation planning.

    Hope you have a nice week,
    Linda in very windy Illinois ;)

  15. Preparing to bring our third baby into the world any day now and feeling scared about it! Our second child, a 21 month old little boy, is visually impaired and requires a good bit of extra care. I'm not yet sure of who will watch him while I'm in labor because we have no family help and he's never been away from both of us at the same time. But once our new baby is here and we're all at home together and settled, I know it will be bliss!

  16. I don't think you're boring either. But it surely is refreshing that you are a blogger and take a simple take on life. I really appreciate that as a fellow Mother.

    This weekend there's a stake father & sons campout, dance class, t-ball, and minivan shopping/browsing. Can't wait for no-plans weekends, that's for sure!


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