Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter review

I love Easter because despite what the world tries to tell me, it is purely a holy holiday. It is about hope and redemption, forgiveness and mercy. It is about Jesus Christ, and His atonement and resurrection. It is about being with our loved ones after this life is over. In other words, it is about joy.

We had a nice, slow Sunday, spent with our little family and Mike's parents. Of course there was an egg hunt and plenty of chocolate, but most importantly, there was peace and so much love.

It was the best start to a new week. Happy Monday!


  1. you guys look adorable!

  2. You have the truth right on there and thanks for spreading the joy. : )

    Beautiful photo of you and your family.

  3. Your dress is gorgeous! What a great picture and perfect way to celebrate Easter.

  4. What a great family photo. I just love your little guy with his hands in his pockets. Adorable.


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