Friday, January 31, 2014

winter in arizona

I'm pretty sure this month has lasted forever. Has it felt that way for you, too? I'm not complaining, but man alive, it's been never-ending! We've enjoyed some really great weather lately, which I hope lasts a couple more months at least. I always start dreading the start of summer about now (which is totally nuts, I know), and I am trying really hard not to do that this year.

Instead, I got my camera out the other day after school and took some pictures of the kids playing on a beautiful January afternoon. Sometimes I just need to get outside, bask in the sun, shake off thoughts of the coming heat, and remember how lucky we are to have such pleasant winters.

Here are some things I love about Arizona right at this moment: the ornamental pear trees are blooming. They are my favorite and someday I will plant one in our yard and gaze at it fondly each time it sprouts its snowy white blossoms. The chilly nights and warm, sunshiny days. The trees heavy with bright oranges. Wearing jeans and not feeling hot. Mornings spent at the park, and wide open windows.

What do you love about where you live right now?

Have a happy weekend!


  1. Nothing! :) Actually I love the anticipation of spring...counting down!

  2. I love our weather but having no rain right now is not good. I love that you love where you live and take good advantage of the weather now. Don't know if you will ever really love the very Hot summers but just have to focus on the good days. Love and hugs

  3. I'm so jealous; I must admit it. I'm in New England and it's just been so cold. Like your summers, we just can't go outside. We get so dry and stir-crazy in the house. It starts around November and goes until around April where I just don't feel comfortable outside due to the cold. I'm trying to deal with it by making sure we have better clothing to withstand the cold, but it's hard to get myself AND the kids all bundled up. It takes forever! And then you get outside and they want to come in after 10 minutes. Ha! Can't wait till warmer weather and we don't need layers and layers of clothes! :) OK, that was a rant. You asked what we love about where we live right now. I GUESS I enjoy how cozy our house is when it's snowing so hard out. We can look at the pretty ground and landscape and know we are safe and warm by the fire. I also love all the hot chocolate we consume!


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