Tuesday, November 05, 2013

for thunderstorms and little sisters

Last night we went to sleep with our windows open and a thunderstorm brewing outside. It was fantastic. And when we woke up, the world was washed clean. Living in the desert really makes you appreciate any little bit of rain that falls. I am thankful for last night's storm.

Bonus gratitude for today: My little sister, Julianne. She is beautiful and generous and brilliant. (And she's expecting her first baby! Huzzah!) Happy birthday Jooj! Love you.


  1. We lived in the dessert for a year during 2010 and I agree, any bit of rain in very refreshing for the outside and for the soul.

  2. Thanks, Steph :) I'm really lucky I have good mum examples like you, Leslie, Katie, Ginger, Mimi, and Mom around... went to lunch with some other soon-to-be-mums today (also all their first), and they were all so nervous and a bit clueless. Sheesh! I'm so lucky to have y'all. Love you.

  3. Beautiful day and we are all so blessed to have Julianne. So exciting that she is expecting. Know she willbe a great Mom with all of my other granddaughters as examples. Love you

  4. Steph, are you aware that Mom and Dad are spending a few days this week with Jooj at Hartwell House? Sigh. I am grateful for her, too, but I really wish I was on that trip. I am grateful to have 2 fabulous little sisters! I taught in YW this week about how education can open doors to self-reliance for women, and mom and both of you were mentioned in my words. You are the best examples.


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