Thursday, October 31, 2013

the costumes

Halloween is not my holiday, but I have to admit that it is pretty satisfying to outfit the children in the exact costumes of their dreams. I think everyone was pretty pleased with the way they looked this year, and for that I am grateful. If only we could skip the trick-or-treating and the candy part of this holiday, then I would be all set.

First up, Oliver as "Ralphie Parker" from A Christmas Story. He sort of already looks like Ralphie, so we just went with it. He's totally going to shoot his eye out with that thing.

Next is Elliot as Troy, the red Power Ranger. Can you believe that the Power Rangers are still around? Elliot found them on Hulu and promptly fell in love. He's worn this costume everyday for the last week and it is my favorite.

Mabel wanted to be an elf from the Lord of the Rings. This is the only costume that I made this year, and the smile on her face when she tried it on for the first time made all of the hours of sewing worth it.

Stella is Little Red Riding Hood. She was having a tough time deciding between a basket for candy (more accurate to her character) or her trick-or-treat bag. Last I heard she had decided to carry them both. :)

The whole gang.

Happy Halloween!

p.s. I'll see you back here tomorrow for the start of my month of Thanksgiving posts. It is my favorite and I hope you'll play along!


  1. Seriously Stephanie, those are the cutest costumes I have seen in long time! Mabel looks so grown up and beautiful! And I love that Stella might have a "back-up bag" for candy overflow. And the cute! I know Halloween is a pain sometimes, but you will miss the days when all the kids are home with you, and you get to take them out as a family. Isaac in college, Abbey and Matt have plans with groups of friends, thank God for the little ones here, even though it will be a rainy windy night. I look back on the days when the older ones were little and my heart hurts! :)

  2. Just all adorable! Ralphie needs to go big with that costume - he is an exact match. Have a happy Halloween

  3. Just all adorable! Ralphie needs to go big with that costume - he is an exact match. Have a happy Halloween

  4. Did Mabel and Audrey coordinate this year? Audrey is an LOTR elf, too, but in a more warrior-esque outfit. Oliver is my favorite; he is just perfect as Ralphie. I bet that he could even be Ralphie as an adult one day! I wish I could noosh Elliot's cheeks under that mask! He looks so happy to be Troy. :)

  5. What great costumes... absolutely perfect! I can't wait to show my daughter The Lord of the Rings elf costume. She had her grandma make her an Eowyn costume from that trilogy.

  6. Love all the costumes- but Ralphie?! Pure Genius! That movie is a crack up and I love that your son wanted to be Ralphie (too bad he didn't want to do the pink bunny suit!)

    Happy Halloween to you and yours!

    your kids look like models for Martha Stewart Halloween catalog. and that is a good thing ;)

  8. Awesome costumes. I also dislike Halloween. This year, our ward did trunk or treat on the 19th - so early! I feel like Halloween has been dragging on and on!


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