Friday, May 17, 2013

mommy blogging

Oliver wrapped up his baseball season last night with some awesome plays at third base. Good thing, because it's starting to get a little toasty, even in the shade. I teared up just a bit when his coach gave him his award. Oliver is such a great kid, and a good baseball player, too.

Some exciting Mabel news: for the fourth year in a row, she has won the Star Chart Trophy at piano! Stars are earned for having a consistent piano lesson performance: completing theory homework, being on time, practicing and passing off songs, and for having a good attitude during lessons. I have to say, I am not surprised one bit. Our Mabel is a wonderful girl.

And now I will end the brag fest and wish you a very happy weekend!

(Thanks for indulging me.)


  1. Way to go, kiddos!!! (behind a great kiddo are great parents!)

  2. Hi Stephanie...long time reader here...just wanted to say hello and how much I enjoy visiting here. Was you have a way to follow you so that you would show up on my Dashboard? Thanks, and have a wonderful weekend. : )

  3. I brag about you all of the time so bragging is okay when it comes to our wonderful kiddos. way to Oliver and Mabel. See you soon!


  4. Reading your blog, relaxes me. Your kids are achievers, but it doesn't feel competitive, which is nice. Which is like their parents, who are also nice.

  5. love the yellow summer feel of that photo-captures the heat perfectly!!

    may I inquire who your kids take piano lessons from? we're looking for a good teacher for our kids, so far everyone one recommended has been full!

    1. hi heather. our piano teacher is my friend, sara. she lives in gilbert, but i am afraid she is full as well! if you give me your email address, i can send you her info and you can get on her waiting list. she is fantastic.

  6. Good job Mabel and Oliver! You have such good kids. Really loved your on motherhood post.


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