Sunday, April 07, 2013

weekend report

General Conference weekend is the best. We don't go anywhere or do anything, but sit and listen to the words of our church leaders (and then we run wild in the backyard to get out our wiggles). I believe that there are modern day prophets, just like the prophets of old in the Bible. They speak the words that our Heavenly Father wants us to hear. I know that if we listen with our hearts, we can hear things that will speak to our soul, and remind us of truths forgotten.

These were a few of my favorite talks:

Elaine S. Dalton spoke about women and motherhood. She called for a return to virtue, which is so desperately needed in today's world.

Rosemary M. Wixom talked about the importance of how we speak to our children and of the words we choose. Children come to this earth ready to listen, she said. Am I speaking the words my children need to hear? Oh, I hope so! I love that she mentioned turning off our phones and being with our families. Isn't that something we're all working on these days? I know I am. It is time for me to try harder in that area.

President Monson said that there is no reason to sail uncharted seas in search of truth. Heavenly Father has provided an unfailing guide: obedience. Knowledge and answers will come as we are obedient to the commandments of God. I think that is the main lesson we all have to learn in this life. We might not understand why, but all He asks of us is obedience.

And oh man, Elder Holland is always so powerful. His talk pierced me to the bone. It is one that I will go back and listen to again and again.

This Conference passed by too quickly, I'm afraid. I gladly would have sat through another day or two. I guess that means I just need to go back and watch it all again?

Which ones am I forgetting?

(Hmm, for some reason the links to the videos aren't working right now. If you go here, you can click on the listen icon to hear the talks. Sorry!)


  1. I liked all the talks you mentioned too, but I also found Elder Ellis'(saturday afternoon) talk really good!

  2. Elder Falabella! And yes, Elder Holland had me in tears.

  3. I LOVED Elder Falabella, too! <3 And Elder Cardon on Saturday morning. Best talk about the atonement that I've heard in a really long time. I agree Conference Weekend went way too quickly. And I'll for sure be replaying Elder Holland's talk over and over and over again in the coming weeks. LOVE that man. Hooray for inspired leaders who aren't afraid to preach the gospel the way it really is. And the first two sisters to ever give prayers in General Conference...also pretty exciting! Starting the countdown now to October Conference.

  4. I agree with you and all of the above! I also Elder Perry spoke with great power. Also, thanks for the review of Granite Flats! We had heard about it but my kids are older a skeptical. We loved it! In fact, my husband was on the phone during the pilot so I made him stay up with me and watch it. He is as excited as I am to watch the ext episode tonight!

  5. I watched Elder Packer's from Saturday morning this morning. It was great. I also loved Elder Holland's. He reminded me a bit of President Hinckley. I agree that Sister Wixom's was great. Elder Perry evoked the spirit of a Southern Baptist preacher, I thought. :) He was fiery, I loved it. I really can't pick a favorite, though. They were all great.

  6. Elder Clayton's talk on marriage was great too!

  7. I loved when Elder Holland said, "In this church everything we do know will always trump what we do not know!" There will always be unanswered questions, but we do have so many answers! And I really took to heart Elder Falabella's words..."In order to contend you clearly need two people, and I will never be one of them." I need to remember this when my teenagers are trying to pull me into an argument! I'm looking forward to reading and highlighting when the Ensign comes out next month!

  8. Elder Bednar's talk on chastity was perfectly clear. It's a doctrine that has definitely been written off as "old-fashioned". I think it will go down as a hallmark talk that we refer back to over and over again as we teach our children when they are youth. As my children sat around me quietly drawing and playing, I realized how unoffensive the truth can be to little ears when it's appropriately seated in spiritual context.

    Two soundbites that I loved:

    1. When doubts arise, PLEASE fan the fire of belief. (His whole talk was awesome in light of certain people's need to exploit questions rather than promote faith.)

    2. Do yo want me to speak directly or with sugar? (I think i might use this a lot in normal conversation.)

  9. I love your insight ;)

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