Tuesday, December 04, 2012

into the sunset

I'll be honest. I was sort of tempted to forget the kids and use this photo for our Christmas card. Ha! Can you believe that Mike took this with his iPhone? Now at least we have glorious photographic evidence that we once owned the most beautiful car ever made. You know, in case it someday spontaneously bursts into flames. (Which could totally happen, I think. I subconsciously smell for smoke every time I drive it.)

Oh Arizona, you own sunsets. And Grand Wagoneer, you own my heart.


  1. Anonymous7:21 AM

    That looks like an ad for Jeep. Beautiful

  2. Kristin I was thinking the same thing. Beautiful sunset.

  3. Wow, she really looks stunning!

  4. I LOOOOVVVEEE that car! I even pinned it on pinterst under the board "someday". Just wondering how you fit 4 children in it? Maybe I can convince the hubby to go for it!

  5. That IS amazing that his phone took that pic. So awesome!!


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