Friday, November 02, 2012

early mornings

Three mornings a week, I get up before five o'clock to exercise. Waking up that early is never easy, but it starts my day off right, and I am glad for the opportunity. I get to see the pretty morning sky, exercise, and visit with friends, and I am so grateful.

Side note: I am thankful for naps, too.


  1. that's so pretty! it would take a miracle for me to ever wake up at 5 to go running of all things. you guys are awesome!

  2. It is hard to get up if you are not meeting friends. I get to meet friends on sturday to run again and I am so excited. Also, I get my selfish exercise time done and it does not cut into the kids time. I would like to get up and do my personal workouts early too, but it is so hard. Next week I am going to do so much better so i don't exercise during mikah's mommy time.(i say that every week).

  3. I want to do this soon...I love quiet mornings outside. (But first I need a baby who sleeps.:) Beautiful photo.


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