Monday, October 01, 2012

Play dough in pink, please.

Have you ever made play dough? I hadn't until the other day. Elliot was napping and Stella was bored (of course). We had already eaten donuts at Mike's office that morning, so our go-to activity of making a treat was out the window. In a moment of pure motherhood inspiration, I searched for a play dough recipe online and we went to work.

It was a cinch! And it kept Stella busy for hours!

And then Elliot woke up.

And Mabel and Oliver got home from school.

And everyone played with it all together all afternoon. It was magical.

I used this recipe, but for some reason my dough was really sticky and needed lots more flour kneaded into it. But I'd use that recipe again in a second!


  1. This is the same dough that my kids had back in their preschool class days.... The teacher would make a new batch every week and she did use koolaid for coloring and it scented the dough (which the kids loved)! Great memory :)


  2. Anonymous7:26 AM

    yes, i used to teach kindergarten and play dough was always worth making myself.
    i've seen sidewalk chalk recipes online, too...never tried them, but might be a fun fall activity when your outdoor temp is reasonable.

  3. used to make this for the boys and they would play for hours. Even made it for the grandkids ( if you remember?) Good activity. Love that picture of Mabel. She gets prettier ever day. She is and alwys has been a little beauty.

  4. I clicked over here from Clover Lane...I've made play dough just once and it was so easy and fun! It's a great activity and I always think I should do it more often. Maybe tomorrow. THanks for the reminder.

  5. I like that play dough recipe too! Once I didn't cook it enough before I took it out of the pan and started kneading it. It was still goopy. So I put it back in the pan and heated it some more and it worked.

    I presume you've seen the recipe that calls for peanut butter and powdered sugar...


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