Tuesday, September 11, 2012

a september miracle

I couldn't believe it, but it was only 80 degrees this morning when I went to the grocery store. It was overcast and a little bit rainy. I was wearing jeans and I didn't even feel hot once! Oh, it was a nice surprise.

It was the light at the end of a really long, hot tunnel. I love Arizona, but months June through August are not my favorite.

I'm sure the chickens breathed a sigh of relief, too.

To celebrate, we drove with our windows down and went in the backyard on purpose. I know it's not here to stay, but we sure loved today.

p.s. My thoughts are with those who lost loved ones 11 years ago. The country changed that day, but I think for the better. I love this video about finding hope after 9/11.


  1. Your backyard is beautiful!

  2. what beautiful photos. the cooling trend must have felt so good -- yay for you guys.

  3. Oh I love your chickens!!! Glad things are cooling down over there!


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